Who is Scot?

Scot is a retired mounted police officer who trained officers and horses, purchased remounts, and worked the streets. During this time, he had the opportunity to ride horses in and around obstacles that the average person never encounters. He has ridden horses through difficult spots like railroad yards, tunnels, freeways, bars, crowd control, stadiums, fireworks, and under hovering helicopters. Besides his street work, Scot has ridden horses from the beaches and ocean shores of California, to the mountains in Montana.

He has learned his trade through numerous schools and clinics and most of all by “living it.” He attended the San Jose Mounted Police School and the RCMP Riding School in Ottawa, Ontario. He has participated in numerous clinics and training with many of today’s top Natural Horsemanship clinicians. In addition to those skills, he has also had training from classical dressage instructors and has a good working knowledge of dressage. He has participated in brandings, team penning, trail riding, and packing. This broad background gives Scot a vast working knowledge of what it takes to have a horse perform in a variety of disciplines and environments.

In 2002, Scot created a clinic and later produced an award winning video “Self Defense for Trail Riders.” Based on questions from his clients about safety on the trails, he developed the clinic and video for trail riders who wanted to know how they could use their horse to defend against a human predator on the trail. Numerous articles about his work have been published in regional and national newspapers and magazines, and he has made guest appearances on radio shows. He now performs his “Self Defense for Trail Riders” demonstrations at Horse Expos throughout the nation.

Scot has had many training and general horsemanship articles published widely both in print and on-line. His wide range of experience, instruction, and practical use of horses allows Scot to effectively teach a wide array of horsemanship skills. Scot is available for demos and clinics worldwide.


Scot believes that spending time with horses should be fun and safe. Yet, so often, we as horse owners struggle with behavioral issues, disagreeable attitudes, and unpleasant vices in our horses. His methods strive to decrease frustration in both the animal and the owner/handler and make our horses and the time we spend with them enjoyable again. His goal is to help his students develop a pleasant, safe, and rewarding relationship with their horses.

Scot’s training methods are grounded in helping us understand how horses learn and think so that we can better communicate with them. He believes that, by truly comprehending how the horses see their world and how they see humans fitting into it, we can optimize each and every interaction. As we learn how to help the horse relax and trust in us, the horses will be happier, more willing, more cooperative -- more of a partner and a participant in our enjoyment.

By thinking like the horse, and by being ever vigilant and aware of our own behaviors and what they communicate to our horses, we can all become effective partners and trainers. When you understand how your horse thinks, learns, and how your body language influences your horse, both from the ground and while riding, the end results are limited only by your imagination. Additionally, Scot is capable of showing you how your learning experiences in life are similar to your horse’s. When you understand how close the two really are, your ability to support your horse through a new lesson will be greatly increased.

Scot has a great respect for the horse -- and for the unbounded potential in the human-horse relationship. His philosophies and training methods are based on fundamental horse behavior -- applicable to every horse in every situation. Scot’s “HorseThink” methods have proven to be effective for all types of horses and riders. Age doesn’t matter, either in the human or the horse, nor does the breeding, type of tack used, or the equine sport undertaken.





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