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Some of the most common questions we get here at HorseThinkTM are about horse health.  How do we keep our horses healthy, and what products do we use?  We hear questions about vaccinations, feed and worming, as well as equipment, shoeing, stabling, etc.

Naturally each of these topics leads to dozens of additional questions.  There are no perfect answers for every horse or for every horse owner.  I can explain to you why I wouldn’t use the West Nile vaccine, or why I would never oil a horse who appears to be suffering from colic.  But for many of you, these would be normal actions to take.  Some of it depends on where you live -- some of it depends on what your vet tells you.  Some of it depends on your past experiences.

Of course colic is an endless debate, with both pros and cons on oiling a horse.  I heard about a case recently in which a horse suffering from colic was oiled by its veterinarians.  Those same vets then explained to the owner that it would take days to detoxify (their words not mine) the oil from the horse.  Did the horse live?  Yes, it did.  And once again someone will say, “That’s why you oil them.”  Well personally I believe the horse made it rough in spite of the oiling not because of it.

And what about wormers? How much should you give? How often?  What type? Which one during which season? What about daily wormers?

The horse can get sick from so many different things.  Just look up colic and see what can cause it.  Look up founder.  Both of these conditions have a myriad of factors tat contribute to them and a variety of symptoms from mild to severe.  Even a bad trailer ride can cause stress issues for a horse. Not to mention the stress of competition.

What I DO know is that it’s critical to assist the horse in keeping his “gut” working as normal as possible.  In order to get the best nutrition out of the feed you give to him, his gut must be functioning optimally.  Without proper nutrition, all sorts of problems begin to crop up, including brittle feet, colic, poor coat condition, problems maintaining a healthy weight, behavioral issues, etc.

That’s why for the last several years we here at HorseThinkTM have relied on a product called Dyna-Pro to help keep our horses’ gut functioning properly.  Why does it work so well?  Because it’s specifically designed to maximize digestive efficiency.  It seems that when a horse is stressed, wormed, vaccinated, etc., the production of healthy bacteria in the gut is compromised.  When that happens, other issues seem sure to follow.  Dyna-Pro is a pro-biotic that helps re-establish that healthy bacteria.  While other probiotic formulas may add one or more strains of beneficial bacteria, Dyna-Pro has a fermentation extract that nourishes the natural bacteria and encourages them to reproduce and multiply.

Anytime our horses have a tough trailer ride (sometimes caused by traffic conditions beyond our control), receive shots from the vet for a procedure, get spun up because of…well, because they’re horses, seem to be off their feed, or a host of other stressors impact their lives, we give them some Dyna-Pro. 

Neither one of us worms much these days unless we know the horses need it, and then we worm only for the specific parasite they have.  Of course, we also give Dyna-Pro both before and afterwards to support the digestive process through the chemical wormer.  We stopped doing “the worming cycle” sometime ago, and all of our horses are healthier because of it. Our horses are also healthier because we give them a good pro-biotic whenever they need it. 

The nice thing about a good quality pro-biotic is that I’ve never heard of a horse having a problem with one.  In fact, most can be given to the horse every day (read and follow the directions on the product you choose), and that makes them really safe in my book.  When a horse has a healthy gut, he uses his food better, has a better disposition (how do you feel when you have a belly ache? Yea, I thought so), and that translates to a better everything.

If you think your horse is really ill, make sure you call the vet.  A pro-biotic isn’t a cure for sickness, but it can certainly help keep your horse healthy.  If you don’t have a good pro-biotic around the barn and in your trailer you should get one.

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